Okay we don’t run too many contests here at The Beat, but when the prize is as awesome as this—a piece of original art created for you by Neal Adams—it is something we can’t pass up offering Beat readers a shot at.

Here’s the deal: The contest is being run by Wizard World, and the winner will get

Prize 1: Two (2) free tickets to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con on Aug 8-11 AND receive a Neal Adams original piece, created specifically for the winner of this contest.

That’s right, you get to go up to Neal Adams and have him draw you something right at the show. What was that we were saying the other day about being able to have one on one experiences with comics foundational masters? That applies here!

In case you are not able to go to WWCCC, a second prize will be offered: One (1) autographed lithograph by Neal Adams in the mail.

How to enter:

1. Participants must fill out the sign-up form (link above)
2. Two (2) winners will be selected at random
3. Contest ends at 7pm CST on Monday, Aug 5
4. Winners will be notified via email by 5pm CST on Tuesday, Aug 6

Tickets are still available for the WWCCC, just in case you don’t win the contest.

And here’s the inimitable Neal Adams talking about the contest and WWCCC:


  1. Wizard World got too expensive for all but the truly faithful to go to this year. How they thought during economic times they could over fifty bucks a ahead for a convention that featured little to no publishers, and no programming whatsoever. Sorry Neal, I’ll pass.

  2. This is a fantastic prize for anyone who lives in Chicago. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, the cost of flying to the show is even higher than the value of the custom Adams commission. Still, awesome prize.

  3. Seems like just about all of their special events need an additional fee to see it on top of the admission price. I thought the Frank Frazetta art show would be cool, but you still have to pay an additional fee to get to that as well. Looks like you’ll be in it for at least $50-$75 bucks per day just to get in, with fees charged in according to how big the personality you want to see as well. I’ve always thought of Chicago con (Wizard World) to be more about the buying and selling of products (not a bad thing) than C2E2, which does have considerably more programming and doesn’t charge additional fees for most of their activities. They are two separate cons, with a different focus, depending on what you’re into.

  4. v wiley – The Frank Frazetta art show / panel with Robert Rodriguez is donation only, and it looks like all funds will go the the Frazetta museum.
    I don’t see any additional events that cost money except maybe the meet and greet with Stan Lee. I’m pretty sure everything is free.

  5. I live in Chicago and I entered bitches! Now pick me Heidi!! Please please please :)

    It’s sad but I think I agree with V Wiley….I’ve been attending this particular show for literally 25 years in a row (I missed one in the 90s). From the days at the small Ramada across the street from the current venue to now, last year was the weakest in terms programming, I’ve ever seen. However, Artist Alley was great and so was the massive dealer room(s). Never seen so many people selling comics and comic related items. I usually go on Friday and Sunday. Friday for autographs/sketches and Sunday for bargains. But this year I was debating about going at all because $72 (entry+parking) per day before walking in the door is really expensive for an opportunity to buy five for a dollar comics. I understand economics, the organizers charge what the market will bear….but it does seem some folks are taking advantage. (And I won’t get on my soapbox about paying celebs for autographs and photos.)

    So I’m REALLY crossing my fingers to win this prize!

  6. I always hear mixed things about this show, but I know a lot of people do attend, and artists do very well in AA. And the panels are much improved from past years, to be fair.

    I know it sucks you mus be at the con to win this prize, but if you are at the con it’s still a pretty nice prize. The second prize is for someone who is not going.

    This is sort of an experiment, and if enough readers don’t want me to continue with such promotions, I won’t.

  7. Heidi–
    This is great stuff! Give aways are the vital backbone of cheapskates everywhere! I for one have my fingers and toes crossed. Plus, I think people are just jealous of us mid-westerners in general!

    Please don’t let a few sour apples spoil the bunch, your efforts ARE appreciated.

  8. I think it’s great that you’re offering a great grand prize, and I don’t have any problems with a con that is more about buying products than the actual aesthetics of comics. The problem arises when on the weekend, with general admission, parking, and gasoline, you’re pushing $100 just to get IN THERE!
    I don’t mind paying a fee to get in, but sheesh, $100 bucks just to get in ant buy stuff? It’s like being charged admission to go into a specialty mall to spend your money and exist! I feel sorry for all the vendors there that will have to REALLY compete for those leftover dollars after admisson. This year, I’ll have to pass..

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