A final look at some of the wonderful books on sale tomorrow at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. As always even if you can’t go, click through on some of the links…new, fresh stuff everywhere.

Rosebud Archives

This company — run by comics strip historian Rick Marschall and Jonathan Barli — is your go to for some classic comics material by folks like Percy Crosby, Gluyas Williams and even McManus!

We’ll have three different “PadFolios” (a hybrid portfolio/book where prints can be removed – 12×16):


– The Complete LIFE Covers of Percy Crosby – a collection of all of Percy Crosby’s covers including the seldom-seen cover to Miniature Life


– Kids at Play Vol. 1: The Birds-Eye Views of Harrison Cady – a collection of Cady’s elaborate and playful birds-eye views of kids doing what kids do.

Williams 1.jpg

– People of Notes by Gluyas Williams – a collection of twenty portraits of musical personalities by one of the greatest cartoonists.

Williams 2.jpg

We will also be debuting a charming booklet by Gluyas Williams: one of his rare, if not only, story done in color titled “The Young Prince Takes an Airing.”

Additionally, we’re going to have a bunch of prints and holiday cards by the likes of JC Leyendecker, George Herriman, Percy Crosby, Otto Soglow, George McManus and more.

Also, we’re going to bring preview copies of some of our upcoming projects including one we’ll be announcing there (a major comics reprint) and vintage material by Heinrich Kley and other luminaries so this will be the only chance people will get to see some of this stuff until we release the books next year. Other exclusive goodies too!

Jen Tong


In addition to poster prints and the large silkscreen books, Pink Lemonade and rainbow & i, I will have a new series of mini silkscreen accordion books available for sale! “mushroom” “lemon” and “garlic”, collect them all!

Uncivilized Books

uncivilized bcgf

New mini-comics debuting at the Brooklyn Comics Festival from Uncivilized Books:

DIARY by Gabrielle Bell

Diary is the follow up to Gabrielle Bell’s acclaimed L.A. Diary. This pamphlet continues Gabrielle’s autobiographical project with stories set in Minneapolis, New York and California. The star of the book is ‘Manifestation’, Gabrielle’s ‘adaptation’ of the notorious Scum Manifesto. Tom Kaczynski contributes a one-page introductory comic.


KLAGEN: A HORROR briefly considers the movements and practices of the death cult which has silently infiltrated every level of society throughout our world. Drawn in dirty gray and black, it sheds no more light than is prudent and gives no false hope. One closes this small book feeling that although we live in God’s house, God has not been home for a long, long time.

TRANS-UTOPIA by Tom Kaczynski

The long awaited fourth part of the well received Trans series of books (which includes Trans-Alaska, Trans-Siberia and Trans-Atlantis). The cartoon journey through philosophy, pop-culture, politics and the occult arrives at its destination: Utopia…

Also available for the first time in New York:


The Petrified Catalogue is a collection of macabre illustrations rendered in obsessive detail. It’s an imaginary bestiary depicting the remains of creatures excavated from remote prehistory and the depths of the unconscious.

Matthew Thurber


my comic 1-800-MICE #5 is coming out, self- published by Ambergris Books, available at the Picturebox table

Secret Prison

Editor Ian Harker writes:

The third issue of the free Philly alt-comics tabloid Secret Prison will be debuting at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival. This issue’s featured artist is Aidan Koch www.aidankoch.com. There are also strips by Jim Rugg, Box Brown, Jason Overby, Art Baxter and many more. 24-pages, available at the Yeah Dude Comics table.


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