Well last night’s Batman v Superman trailer debut definitely perked things up for this film. After the underwhelming sepia-toned teaser from Monday this stoked the chatter to acceptable levels.

The Screen Crush staff has the moment by moment gif breakdown of who’s what, (from which I’ve stolen all these gifs) and the introduction of loopy chatty Lex Luthor as portrayed as only Jesse Eisenberg can do it, was a big plus. Plus was there a heart that did not pound a bit at the ending reveal of the Big Three united on screen for the FIRST TIME EVER?

But elsewhere the trailer seems to be a race between Bats and Supes to see who is the biggest authoritarian threat to mere mortal humans. Talk about Civil War! At first it was Superman who was the alien overlord what with his building smashing and neck breaking godlike powers—not to mention gaze of steely resolve. But then it turns out Batman is the kind of twisted psychopath who brands criminals with his personal mark! Damn! You gotta hold out for a hero. Or could it all be…mind control? 

Are they both heroes…or both villains?

Speaking of villains, we get not only Joker Luthor but Doomsday. And Zod’s head in a bag. I repeat. ZOD’S HEAD IN A BAG. This is no Richard Donner movie. 

While some feel that Zack Snyder is the biggest problem with this film, I think he may be the secret weapon. At least he makes movies that look great with top notch action and he gets how to make his characters larger than life.
So…what did YOU think?


  1. Biggest issue? The fact that they pretty much spoiled the major beats of the entire movie.

    I remember going to see Avengers and my favorite moment was the sweeping shot of the entire team united and ready to battle. It was an amazing shot that got my geek flag flying!

    DC just spoiled that cool shot for their movie. Save SOMETHING for the actual movie, please!

  2. Visually nice in stills…horrible as a motion picture. The actual comic panel that snyder plagarizes are better. Any analysis reveals an obscene message and a corrupt mind at the expense of heroes. Worst hero movie ever. Wb commit honorable suicide.

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