The holidaze are upon us with with is various gifts and free comics along with your eggnog. here’s one of the more intriguing ones; all the #2 issues of the Double Take universe will be free for the next few days, one at a time. And if you’re worried about a #2, you can always read the #1 issue for from on the Double Take website and at Comixology.

Double Take is one of the mroe intriguing comics line to launch this year, with an unusual approach of launching all ten of their titles at once and selling them as a bundle. (Read more about it here.)  The line itsefl is set in the zombieverse of Night of the Living Dead, and each #2 issue will be free for one day only starting at 4pm.

Today’s free issue is Honor #2: Dead Badge of Courage.



  1. Diamond shipped free copies of these to their accounts a few weeks ago. They are very poorly drawn; i can’t imagine this line will be available for long.


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