A few months ago it seemed that not even the Dark Knight was immune to the Warner Bros. bloodbath as the highly-anticipated Batman: Caped Crusader animated series had reportedly been axed from HBO Max. Nevertheless, Caped Crusader was being shopped around to other potential streamers as part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s efforts to monetize content by selling projects to third-party buyers. It appears the efforts succeeded as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that not only has the Caped Crusader animated series found a new home at Amazon but as received a two season order.

As revealed at DC FanDome in 2021, Batman: Caped Crusader will see animation legend Bruce Timm team up with J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves alongside with Co-Executive Producer James Tucker for this new take on the Dark Knight. Thought details were scarce, according to Timm, “It’s more Batman: The Animated Series than Batman: The Animated Series.” Moreover, unlike the original Batman: The Animated Series which endured certain limitations in terms of content and adult themes, Caped Crusader won’t face those restrictions.

If somehow you weren’t already excited for a new Bruce Timm Batman animated series, how about the fact that acclaimed comics writer Ed Brubaker will serve as the head writer for Caped Crusader?

In an early statement, Brubaker divulged what attracted him to be involved in the project:

“Their vision for the show, with a slightly more pulpy take on the character, and a new way of looking at the world of Gotham, set in the past but viewed through a modern lens really sold me, and so far every part of it has been a blast to work on. I can’t wait until the rest of the world can see what we’ve been building the last few months in the writers room. All I can say is, it’s not what anyone is expecting … but in a good way.”

No premiere date has yet been announced for Batman: Caped Crusader. With any luck, we can expect it before the end of the year.


  1. Very good news! Also glad to hear that the new animated “My Adventures With Superman” (with Evan “Doc” Shaner as series artist) apparently survived the Discovery purge, and is still in production.

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