Batman: Black and White is returning this December with six new anthology issues featuring a wide range of all-star creators, the publisher announced this week.

The first of six issues will arrive on Dec. 8. Each of these issues will be 48 pages in a prestige format, spotlighting “a new generation of noirish tales featuring Gotham’s guardian,” according to DC’s press release. What is perhaps most exciting about this is the lineup of talent involved with these comics.

You can find a full list below, but some of the key teams include G. Willow Wilson & Greg Smallwood, Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko, and Tom King Mitch Gerads. In addition, there looks to be solo stories from some of the best creators to work within superhero comics in recent years, including David AjaJH Williams IIISophie Campbell, and Emma Rios. It’s all very exciting.

You can find the full press release from DC about the book below:


Six-Issue, 48-Page Prestige Format Series Spotlights a New Generation of Noirish Tales Featuring Gotham’s Guardian

In 1996, DC bolstered the already fabled legacy of Batman when the publisher introduced the anthology series Batman: Black and White. An incomparable collection of writers and artists collaborated on original, black and white short stories featuring the Dark Knight in multiple interpretations, all varying in terms of theme, tone and setting, yet all connected with a distinctive black and white color scheme.

On Tuesday December 8, Batman: Black and White returns as a six-issue prestige format series with a brand-new slate of comics’ most exciting and innovative storytellers to explore the Batman mythos in stark black and white!

This all-star lineup of writers and artists includes:

  • Paul Dini & Andy Kubert
  • Tim Seeley & Kelley Jones
  • Emma Rios
  • John Arcudi & James Harren
  • Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko
  • JH Williams III
  • Tom King & Mitch Gerads
  • G. Willow Wilson & Greg Smallwood
  • Sophie Campbell
  • David Aja
  • Dustin Weaver
  • Bilquis Evely
  • Joshua Williamson & Riley Rossmo
  • James Tynion IV & Tradd Moore
  • Lee Weeks
  • Chip Zdarsky & Nick Bradshaw
  • And many more!

The debut issue features cover art by fan-favorite Batman artist Greg Capullo; each issue will also include two variant covers, one featuring Batman, the other featuring his foes. For issue #1, Peach Momoko provides a stunning cover featuring Talia al Ghul, while J.H. Williams provides his own breathtaking rendition of the Caped Crusader.

Batman: Black and White is available at open and operating comic book stores and all participating digital retailers on Tuesday, December 8. Each of the six prestige format issues comprising the series is priced at $5.99.