Publisher Bad Egg is expanding its catalog next year, this time working with YouTuber Sean “JackSepticEye” McLoughlin for the cross-platform multiverse The Altrverse. Currently, there are two series planned and there will likely be more to come.

Bad Egg is a joint venture between talent management company Mana Talent Group and merchandising firm Warren James. It launched in 2022 with the second issue of the cyberpunk series GodSlap, written by Jordan Clarke and Aubrey Sitterson with art by Ricardo Jaime. The series is based on a concept by content creator Charlie White, AKA MoistCr1tikal or Penguinz0.

Now, Bad Egg is expanding its roster of content creators and comics creators for The Altrverse. McLoughlin’s fans have previously seen teasers for the characters and settings, and now the publisher has released the project’s details.

Void Silver, written by Alejandro Arbona and illustrated by Suzi Blake, explores a version of contemporary London in which magic is real and only certain people aare trained in how to use it. As such, magic-users cultivate celebrity and status, operating across government, STEM, and even entertainment. They are overseen by the imperious Magic Circle, which decides who can learn magic, when, and how.

Marvin, an eldritch magician, is kicked out of the Magic Circle for his reckless path toward self-discovery. In Void Silver, he continues to defy the Circle’s limitations even as he’s sucked into a murder mystery and must get along with the higher-ups to find out what happened. This prologue comic will set up the greater Altrverse and establish Marvbin’s world.

The Altrverse: Void Circle 

The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man!, written by James Asmus, features prologue story art by Connie Daidone and main series art by Megan Huang. The series follows Jackie, a 20-something man living in a big city working a ton of odd jobs in the gig economy. He never has time to do anything cool or meet anyone his age because he works so much to afford his terrible apartment.

Although he strives to be a better person than his late father, who died when he was young, Jackie struggles to make deep connections as he constantly avoids deep conversations and often uses comedy as a defense or deflection tactic. But when he encounters a collapsed building, burning cars, and robots during a delivery gig, he quickly jumps to conclusions and then jumps into the fray. He manages to dismantle the robots, put out the fire by opening a nearby hydrant, and haul away debris to save a dummy.

As it turns out, Jackie has interfered in a controlled demonstration that cost the company Cyber Mass a lot of money. His quick action makes investors and media question the constitution of the company’s bots. While everyone around him starts arguing, Jackie slips away to finish his delivery, hoping to stay out of it.

The Altrverse: The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man The Altrverse: Void Circle/The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man

In addition to cover art for both Void Silver and The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man!, Bad Egg has also released a crossover cover featuring both Marvin and Jackie, which lines up with The Altrverse ultimately existing as a multiverse.

The first comic in The Altrverse will be released on November 22, and fans can pre-order the issue between October 20 and 23 via Bad Egg’s website. There will be an option to purchase a variant foil cover at that time, and after the pre-order window closes, there will be additional variants for sale.


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