Marvel’s adorable little landshark mascot has officially teamed up with The Avengers for a newly released holiday-themed special now available to peruse on YouTube. Befittingly titled Merry Shark-Mas: It’s Jeff & The Avengers, this holiday special marks the very beloved shark’s first animated appearance on Marvel HQ

For those unfamiliar, Marvel HQ is the company‘s family platform hosting hundreds of hours of family-friendly content. The YouTube channel hosts the occasional motion comics along with original shorts, explainers, and animation livestreams, having amassed over two million subscribers since its launch back in October 2017.

Merry Shark-Mas: It’s Jeff & The Avengers

Jeff’s been having a huge uptick in popularity over the years. It’s easily the Unlimited Line’s most successful comic, and its ease of language and low barrier entry point make the series almost reminiscent of old-school Sunday morning paper comic strips.

Jeff’s appearance here is just one part of the Avengers’ 60th anniversary celebration the company has been celebrating this year. There will be a confirmed eight more episodes in the series going well into 2024, also available on Marvel HQ.

Merry Shark-Mas: It’s Jeff & The Avengers will be penned by the amazingly talented comics writer and Jeff The Landshark co-creator Kelly Thompson, who created the character for the West Coast Avengers and has been scripting the Marvel Unlimited megahit Jeff The Shark series since the character’s debut on the platform. Merry Shark-Mas: It’s Jeff & The Avengers will also feature artwork by Dan Gordine and Ian Herring, the team behind the Marvel Fairy Tales Infinity Comic.

Merry Shark-Mas: It’s Jeff & The Avengers

You can check out the episode just below