Last year Peter David, legendary writer of The Incredible HulkSpider-Man 2099Supergirl, and more, was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack and a series of strokes. A GoFundMe was launched to help pay for his medical expenses. In the most recent, his wife revealed after over a year he is finally stable. Fans will not only be delighted to hear the news about David’s recovering health but that the prolific writer already has a new comics project lined up with the upcoming Symbiote Spider-Man 2099 limited series.

Returning to the character of Spider-Man 2099 aka Miguel O’Hara, a character that made his big screen debut in Across the Spider-Verse last summer and he helped created back in the ’90s, David will be joined by artist Rogê Antônio for this new adventure in the world of 2099.

Symbiote Spider-Man 2099

Official press release below:

Fresh off his breakout role in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Miguel O’Hara will star in all-new comic book adventures next year, including a series by his legendary co-creator, writer Peter David. Launching in March, SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN 2099 is the long-awaited next epic chapter in David’s hit Symbiote Spider-Man saga, which helped usher in Marvel Comics’ wave of retro series revisiting milestone runs and series. Joining him on his triumphant return will be artist Rogê Antônio, known for his recent gut-wrenching work on Carnage. The five-issue series will take fans back to the iconic world of Marvel 2099 where Miguel O’Hara becomes the host of a terrifying new symbiote.

Set your time circuits ahead to the techno-dystopian future of 2099! Miguel O’Hara, A.K.A. Spider-Man 2099, is facing a hostile takeover – of his own body! Kron Stone, the Venom of 2099, wages an all-out assault on Alchemax, and the only hope of stopping him lies with the power awakened by a top-secret project gone terribly wrong. What must Miguel sacrifice to seal the bond with his new symbiote – his body? His mind? His very soul?!

In addition to the main cover by Leinil Francis Yu, variant covers by Ken Lashley and Greg Land.

Look for Symbiote Spider-Man 2099 #1 (of 5) to arrive in stores on Wednesday March 13th, 2024.


  1. Great News about Peter David! When I last checked his GoFundMe, I thought we might never hear from him again. That he’s got a new book solicited this fast is incredible.

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