Like many other companies, Marvel has learned that people like cats. Even more, people like comics about cats. Throw in Marvel’s beloved characters and you’re hitting all the bases. Nao Fuji’s Marvel Meow, a scrolling comic about the Avengers’ feline friends, like Captain Marvel’s Goose, is a fine example of this. The strip ran on Marvel Unlimited and is described as a “hit” – with at least one Marvel Infinity webcomic getting more than a million reads, that could actually be a lot of readers!  

MARVEL MEOW #1 will include the complete run of the Marvel Unlimited Infinity Comic along with brand new covers and an exclusive new MARVEL MEOW story,  all by Nao Fuji.

Marvel’s most fearsome – and furriest – heroes are here to save the day and beg for treats in the process! Follow Chewie, Liho, Alpine and the rest of the Avengers’ feline friends as they cause a few cat-tastrophes…and maybe vanquish some villains in the process! Whether it’s crashing Captain Marvel’s apartment or defeating Doc Ock, you can always count on these cats for some cute chaos!

This being comics 2023, there are also two variants covers: one by Doaly and one by Chrissie Zullo – which, although it looks a lot like a Christmas cover from afar…is not quite a Christmas cover.

Marvel’s Infinity Comics are their answer to webtoons: vertical scrolling comics featuring more lighthearted takes on characters like Jeff the Landshark, Skottie Young’s Little Marvels, Shang Chi, and many more, including cats. Unlike webtoons, you can’t read them for free – they are an add-on in the subscription only Marvel Unlimited all-you-can-read service.

As we mentioned, picking Marvel Meow as a topic for a webtoon is a no brainer given the insidiously powerful allure of cats on the web. And surely this will pick up a few more readers when it goes to the print format this January.

MARVEL MEOW #1 – 75960620884500111
Written by NAO FUJI
Art and Cover by NAO FUJI
Variant Cover by DOALY – 75960620884500121
Variant Cover by CHRISSIE ZULLO – 75960620884500131
On Sale 1/3


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