Logos-Final-Gray-Lockup (1)Another new comics publisher joins the comics fray: Bad Egg, a collab between exclusive merchandising firm Warren James, talent management firm Mana Talent Group, and social media star MoistCr1TiKaL, with industry vet Robert Meyers running the comics side of things.  The first result is GodSlap, whose first issue is out and second issue soon to come. 

MoistCr1TiKaL, also known as penguinz0 and Charlie White, has over 16 million followers across all platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. In addition to helping run Mana Talent Group, which handles many popular content creators, he’s also involved in eSports, with Moist eSports, But forget all that, he’s entering the most demanding arena of all – comics! – as co-creator of GodSlap. Issue #1 is by Stephanie Phillips with art by Ricardo Jaime. There are also a variety of variant covers available on the GodSlap website.

The second issue features  a story by Jackson Clarke and Aubrey Sitterson, art by Ricardo Jaime, and letters from Troy Peteri, with covers by Jaime, Justin Mason, and more – and it goes on sale on December 7. 

As for the story:

Taking place in the fictional city of Montpelier, GodSlap tells a story where the mighty rule from on high, while the struggle for survival plays out on the streets below with visceral intensity. The story’s narrative follows the life of protagonist Aius Braun – an impetuous young man whose anger at the world is outstripped only by his untapped potential to change it.

Art by Fico Ossio

“As a giant fan of both pop and comic book culture, the new collaboration with Warren James we are launching is the realization of a life-long dream dream of mine, and I am proud to be able to finally officially announce the new issue of GodSlap to the world in all of its grisly glory,” said MoistCr1TiKaL in a statement. “A huge amount of time and work has gone into creating something the fans are going to enjoy – I just hope they love it as much as we do.”

Entities involved in the venture include Warren James, a merchandising company that works with content creators and influencers, which is handling some of the logistical end of Bad Egg.  Comics publishing veteran  Meyers is most recently of Oni Press, but also Valiant Entertainment and Take-Two. At Bad Egg he leads all creative and editorial initiatives.

Other Bad Egg execs include Kevin Ramsey, founder of Warren James and the licensing and product development initiatives lead; long-time collaborator Matt Phillips leading media expansion, syndication and partner management, and Warren James co-founder Ben Wiedner leading business development and product strategy initiatives.

According to their mission statement, Bad Egg is hoping to “create medium-defining stories which resonate with creators’ massive global followings in the most authentic and meaningful way possible.” Their goal is to be a home for other content creators who are looking jump into thew comics and media world with new worlds and stories. 

Art by Brett Booth with Adelso Corona and Andrew Dalhouse
And so another player enters the arena! You can purchase GodSlap right here.

We’ll have more to come on all of this later this week.