Filipino-American comic author/illustrator Zachary Sterling, best known for his work on Bee & Puppycat and My Little Pony, is debuting his first original graphic novel this summer. Published by Oni-Lion Forge as the first in a three-volume series, Punch Up! is an action-packed, manga-inspired story showcasing Sterling’s vibrant art style and featuring a diverse cast of characters.

PUNCH UPHere’s how the publisher describes the graphic novel:

Punch Up! is a shonen manga story of young orphan Pitch, an aspiring tournament fighter who has big dreams. He dreams of traveling to the city and competing in the Wide Plains Fighting Tournament. He also harbors a secret wish—to be reunited with the man he believes is his long-lost father, aging tournament fighter Sonny Chan. Can Pitch make it in a big city filled with unsavory types that want to do him harm? Is Emperor Vergil, host of the fighting tournament, one of those people? Will Sonny decide to act decent for once? Find out in this exciting blast of battle energy!

Punch Up! (ISBN: 978-1-63715-217-1) will be available at both digital and physical retailers everywhere on June 6, 2023, for the list price of $15.99.

Zachary Sterling is a Filipino-American illustrator based out of Portland, Oregon, with a passion for stories with motivated protagonists who refuse to compromise what they believe is most important to them. Sterling has been illustrating comics, graphic novels, and children’s books professionally for more than four years, including Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, The Amazing World of Gumball, My Little Pony, and the animated show Bee & Puppycat.