It started with this press release:

Coast City Comics is proud to announce the display of some rare comic books from the Golden Age, recently unearthed in Portland, Maine and estimated to be worth over $10,000 in value. The showing will be for one day only, this coming Monday, on the first of the month.
 There are a variety of titles from publisher Zeus Comics, dated from the late 1940s to the mid-50s. They were found in a wall during renovation of a house in Portland’s West End by comic creator Mort Todd. The comics, considered very controversial and risqué in the 1950s, include such titles as WEIRD MENACE, RED NIGHTMARES, FORBIDDEN FANTASY, SPIKE JONES and THE BLACK LEATHER KID, among others.
These comics were the target of psychologists, politicians and concerned parents during the 50s, when comic-book burnings were regularly sponsored by towns and churches. Not many of these comics are in existence today, so even beat-up copies are valuable.

These valuable publications will be on display for one day only, this Monday, from 11AM to 6PM at Coast City Comics, 634 Congress Street in Portland, Maine.

Hm one day only…April 1… okay we get it. Factor in the involvement of Mort Todd, and ZEUS COMICS begins to look like an elaborate retro comics line. Mark Martin seems to be another perpetrator, but the stuff looks like good old faux-historical fun!
Is there anyone who doesn’t wish there was a real Spike Jones comic?

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