oblivion2 lg Why OBLIVION is the most miraculous comic book movie of all timeWe’ve written before about OBLIVION, the SF movie that seemed to be “based’ on a graphic novel by director Joseph Kosinski, adapted by Arvid Nelson and Andree Wallin–although a mock-up of the project was apparently used to lure Tom Cruise into starring in the film (which opens later this month)–Kosinski now says it will most likely never be published:

As for whether we’ll ever see the printed version of the story? “I don’t have any plans to do it right now. To me it’s feels like it’s in the rear-view mirror, you know? It’s like part of the development process. The film is the end result. But never say never. Maybe at some point it will be fun to go back and show the steps and the journey.”

Maybe if the movie is a big, big hit.

Farewell, we never even knew you, OBLIVION the graphic novel.


  1. Actually, it was set to be an “illustrated novel” and not a “graphic novel”. Meaning it was going to be prose, landscape format with several double page spread inserted throughout the book.

    I heard the book project was dead several months ago. No big shocker at this point, given that the film is out in a few weeks and the book hasn’t been solicited. Radical promoted this book as far back as 2007 btw and Ian Edginton was originally going to write it, prior to Arvid coming on board.

  2. For clarification, the illustrated novel will be published. 100% fact. Radical controls the publication rights and has every intent to release the book. Unfortunately, as the film began to take off, Joe’s focused turned towards the film and the release of the book was delayed so that the twist of the film would not be revealed. Joe may have lost interest, but Radical has not! Like all of Radical’s content, while we always hoped that we would be so lucky to make films, tv shows, games and merchandise from our titles, we always first focused on telling incredible stories, by visionary creators, with amazing art and top quality paper, marketing and distribution. That is the case with the Oblivion illustrated novel, which is a powerful story, but unfortunately, we will have to wait for the holdout period to expire after the film’s release, before we can put the book out. Hold guys, the world will see this amazing product soon enough. -Jesse Berger, Co-founder/EVP Radical Studios.

  3. Thank you for clarifying that, Jesse…now please let Wikipedia, Amazon, Goodreads, Reddit, and the rest of the Internet know. Your web site also doesn’t say if or when it will get published. Please get the word out. And thanks for your part in this…the movie is fantastic, looking forward to the novel thingy or whatever you do.

  4. Considering that up to this date I’m not aware of plans to publish any “The Art of OBLIVION” book which I would really want to own, it would be great if the illustrated novel and the stuff you’d expect to see in such an “Art of” book could be somehow merged into one major publication.

  5. It should be commissioned as a book/novel. There is so much behind the concept in real science terms that it can become a science classic. (SPOILER ALERT) Just think of the back story that lead a machine to become the ultimate space invader… how it stole and copy human DNA to program an army… how it learned from our civilisation to sustain its self-preservation plans… and so on.

  6. It would be nice to see a book series around the main actors at the beginning of the history as told on the movie like when jack and Julia got married, and the following events that led earth’s doom.
    I’m pretty sure that toke a good time for the titan build all the war clones, meanwhile earth was collapsing by Moon’s destruction.
    So Manny possibilities… One thing I know… I would read the entire series listening to Oblivion by M83(movie sound track and original music)

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