Back in 2001, Neil Gaiman wrote a book called American Gods.  It won some awards, inspired a sequel called Anansi Boys, a TV adaption will be coming out soon… oh, yes.  They’re also doing a comic book adaption.  You’d have thought as big as that novel was, there’d already be a comics adaption of it, but Dark Horse is taking care of that today.  They’ve got a prestige team on it in P. Craig Russel as co-writer & adapter and Scott Hampton on art.  The adaption is schedule to run 27 issues in 3 arcs.

We’ve got a whopping 12 preview pages, so you should be able to get a pretty good taste for it.  If you like it, it goes on sale today.


  1. I hope the art gets better. I’m a big admirer of Scott Hampton and I’m afraid to say this is not his strongest work by far.

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