A bunch of new comics project have just been announced, and many feature some pretty nice artwork so let’s dig in!


§ Dark Horse Presents will publish UXB by Colin Lorimer (Earp: Saints for Sinners) in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #10. More of the tale is posted at Lorimer’s site.

In a shattered future postwar London, powerful experimental “life suits” that permanently graft to human bodies are created to counter the threat of terrorism. Given to three brothers, the suits could make the trio the saviors of mankind—if they can ever get past their obsessions for film, violent video games, and porn. Following in the dark footsteps of dystopian visions such as The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, DMZ, and Give Me Liberty, Lorimer’s UXB is challenging, thought provoking, laced with gallows humor, and illustrated with consummate skill.


§ Also at Dark Horse, fantasy author Caitlín R. Kiernan, best known in comics circles for her stint on THE DREAMING, is back in comics with ALABASTER, set in the world of her Dancy Flammarion series which focuses on a teenage girl who fights monsters, demons and dark things. The series, which is billed as “part continuation, part reimagining”, debuts in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #9 and continues in a five-issue miniseries called ALABASTER: WOLVES. Interior art is by Steve Lieber, while Greg Ruth does the covers.

DARKMTR #1 FC FNL copy.jpg

§ One more from Dark Horse: DARK MATTER, a four-issue miniseries by Stargate writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mulliewith art by newcomer Garry Brown. First issue is on sale in January.

A derelict ship floating in space. Its troubled crew awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got onboard. Their search for answers triggering the vessel’s deadly security system, awakening a relentless android bent on their destruction. Facing threats at every turn, they will have to work together to survive a dangerous voyage charged with vengeance, redemption, betrayals, and, ultimately, hidden secrets best left unknown.


§ Over at Image Comics they teased something new by Brandon Graham with this image and the heading: LANDING ON ITS FEET IN 2012.


§ Dynamite has had much success with their John Carter and Dejah Thoris comics. Now they’re launching a new WARLORDS OF MARS series, featuring another pulp hero, Lt. Gullivar Jones. The series is written by Robert Napton, drawn by Jack Jadson, with covers by Joe Jusko and debuts in February.

Jones was created by Edwin Lester Arnold in 1905 and features similar themes of Martian swashbuckling and princesses. Like the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books, he’s in the public domain, so why not team them up?

“Gullivar was written first, but Carter cornered the market and became a legend,” says writer Robert Napton.  “It’s Gullivar Vs. John Carter-let the battle begin!  It’s a thrill to bring these two southern gents together on the same stretch of red turf and let them have at it.  But it won’t be all blood and guts.  There’s a story to be told.  Many have heard of Gullivar of Mars, but don’t know who he is and how he’s a different sort of man from Carter despite being caught in the same otherworldly circumstances.  This is one mash-up fans of pulp won’t want to miss.”

“We’ve found a smart and clever way to tie these two pulp heroes together and rescue Gullivar from relative obscurity and place him up on the dais among the greats,” adds Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt.  “We’re going to explore more of the eras of Mars with Gullivar, the past, present and future and Robert Napton has proven himself more than capable of spinning some excellent Barsoomian tales and we’ve paired him with a great new artistic find in Jack Jadson.”