A few notes from around:

• Archie has announced that they will be available for the Nook Tablet which just launched.

Following the recent announcement of Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet, Archie Comics continues to be at the forefront of digital comics by being one of the first major publishers to jump on the new platform. It’s Archie’s mission to “make the books as available as possible,” as Archie’s Co-CEO Jon Goldwater puts it. With that goal in mind, the list of mobile devices that Archie now has a presence on continues to grow which includes the iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 phone. Archie will continue to branch out in the digital realm in a bid to reach the widest possible audience and make its iconic characters available to all fans as time goes by.

Archie and everyone else is now on Google+, as well. Marvel and DC also have pages on the site, which just made business pages available yesterday. More to come.


• ComiXology notes they were once again the top grossing app for iPad on Wednesday, the 8th Wednesday in a row that they topped the chart. They even beat Tap Pet Hotel. Sweet.


  1. Well, the Nook Tablet is new, but it’s the Nook Color with more power. So it’s not a new platform, it’s been around since last October.

    But it’s nice to see comics publishers expanding their presence onto more devices. How soon before we start seeing e-books?