[Photo via Mei Li]

Alan Moore made an appearance at the N.I.C.E. show in his native Northampton this weekend, and the event was well covered in audio by Stereoket:

And video

Among the news bits, PROVIDENCE, a new 10-part series about HP Lovecraft to be published by Avatar, as a tax-bill inspired sequel to NEONOMICON.

Tom Huxley has more here.


  1. Moore’s my favorite comic writer, but I don’t really think Lovecraft is such an endless wealth of great inspiration. He’s good, but I think that Moore has kind of already mined that well.

    And, no, Jack Kirby didn’t have dialogue in the margins of EVERY comic he ever did with Stan Lee. He did it for some but let’s not exaggerate that, even though it feels good to rail against “The Man”. And I’m not even a particularly fan of Stan.

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