While there is a certain dodginess that makes linking to this feel a little weird, I found this listing for a liquidation center’s comic offerings vaguely amusing:

Comic books are great sellers at dollar stores, flea markets, and on eBay.

Customers buy comic books out of impulse, to keep their children happy, out of curiosity, and as collectibles.

The release of comic book based movies, such as Spiderman, Batman, and Superman, help develop an interest in comic books.

You can profit from the popularity of comic books by purchasing them at below wholesale prices, and selling them as dollar items or as collectibles.

A further press release explains more, from proprietor Donny Lowy who says the Dubai Comics Expo proves they like them even in the Middle East.

“My focus is on selling bulk lots of comic books from the 1980’s and up. Depending on availability, I can wholesale comic books in bulk for as low as .10 each. Besides the market for comic books in the United States, there is also an international market for comic books in countries such as Mexico, Nigeria, Israel, and Canada. I strongly believe that with the popularity of superhero movies produced by Hollywood, the demand for comic books of Batman, X-Men, Daredevil, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Avengers, Star Wars, and GI Joe, will continue,” said Donny Lowy, who as a college student rented spots at comic book shows.

Lowy is offering some 10,000 comics for $1900. That’s 19¢ each for those who are math impaired, like us.


  1. “Comic Books Closeout Explosion for Nigeria”

    Just wondering, but what do the article and the link, have to do with Nigeria¿

  2. ‘from the 80’s forward’ I think means Dec 1989 to maybe 1997.

    Still, if you run a shop that can move 50 cent fare at shows, you could double your money in however long it takes you to move 10k units.

    I would guess these are probably more like 10 cents a pound on the wholesale market.

  3. Please do not believe any replies that Donny Lowy or Stanley or whatever name this deceptive con man uses. The people on here including me were ripped off by Donny Lowy. he claims to be this person who wants to help people make money and the only person making the money is him, after he rips you off. Do not be scammed by the pictures that he uses on his website. You get NOTHING close to what is pictured. And do not believe for a second that you receive what is described on his consite. You will receive Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein etc. It in 2/22/13 and I received brands I never heard of and they were for fall of 2009. Yes 2009. He is a smart con and knows how to orchestrate emails back to you that make it seem like he is going to give you a refund. the fact of the matter is he will only give you a credit on your next order. Yeah like I’m going to get ripped off a second time.Out of the 100 pieces of women’ s dresses I received 19 dresses with non-repairable holes and tears, 41 dresses with NO TAGS that stunk and were worn returns. The dresses that did have tags and no stains and no tears were either petite or huge plus sizes, and were unbranded. 1, 200 bucks he stole from me. This is the reason he does not take credit cards. there is no recourse when you buy from him, once he has your money you’re done. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR HIS BULLS%$#! DO NOT BELIEVE HIS REPLIES TO THESE COMPLAINTS. AND DO NOT BELIEVE THE PHONY POSITIVE REVIEWS ON THIS SITE FOR DONNY LOWY. THOSE ARE FAKE ACCOUNTS MADE BY HIM AND STANLEY. Both fake names he uses. You have been warned and do you think I would waste my time writing this while football is on ????? DO NOT BELIEVE A LIAR AND A THIEF!!!

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