Werewolves, man. Depending on the mythology you are reading, the rules about how they turn, when, and why can vary. But one thing remains the same: they sure do like biting people! In After Dark, there are definitely secrets…and werewolves…lurking about. 

Ally Berg is the mastermind behind the Webtoon series, offering up both the art and story of the webcomic. Paul Jun is on edits. Read the synopsis below:

Following a recent accident that resulted in the death of his girlfriend, Drew is riddled with guilt and now finds himself suffering from an unexplainable and worsening illness. As he comes to terms with his newfound curse, he must also overcome his past mistakes. Set in British Columbia, After Dark is a tale of love, loss and werewolves.

The story gets to the action pretty quickly and effectively lays out a mystery about Andrew’s guilt, what really happened to his girlfriend that night, and what the future holds for the young man. The episodes are concise, and the story draws you in quickly, making it easy to just keep hitting “next episode” to unravel more secrets.

After Dark updates every Tuesday. Begin reading for free here.

After Dark