This Small Press Wednesday is dedicated to werecreatures, particularly wolves and dogs and rival packs with nasty alphas. New Paradigm Studios has added Werewoofs to its lineup, a 160 page graphic novel perfect for reading ages 13 and up. Check out the synopsis from the publisher below:

“In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. But when a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, adapting to their new powers proves to be even tougher. This leads to an unlikely friendship with loner Mara, a werewolf whose father has mysteriously vanished. As the high schoolers team up to solve the disappearance, friendships are tested, and secrets are revealed as the Werewoofs prove themselves in an explosive showdown against  a dangerous wolfpack and their vicious alpha.”

Written by Joelle Sellner (Punky Brewster) and with art by Val Wise (Cheer Up-Love and Pompoms) the book is lettered by Ed Dukeshire (Once And Future) and edited by Steenz (Heart Of The City, Rolled and Tolled).

The best thing about the graphic novel is that while it’s geared toward young readers, the story is interesting and exciting enough to engage adult readers. The clean art style and fresh take on the werewolf myth make for a fun read that also has a lot of heart and depth behind the young cast of characters. We can all relate to how difficult high school can be, and the metaphor of being different than your average human to illustrate that works well here.

Werewoofs is available now on Amazon Kindle. The publisher’s website also lists comic shops and other ways to purchase the book. Click here for details. 



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