I love food. A lot. But it goes deeper than craving chocolate all day long. Food triggers memories, good and bad. Smells and tastes can take you back to significant moments in your life (ask my friend how she feels about the smell of tequila 20 years later). In Soul Food, food is the path to figuring out where your next step in the afterlife might be.

Created by CiciEnixa, the heartwarming Webtoons series is set at a supernatural restaurant for souls passing from the mortal plane to their next level of existence. Some of these souls struggle to remember their lives, and Soul Food’s goal is to find the right ingredients to help you piece yourself back together before moving on. They are literally feeding your soul.

It’s a sweet series broken down into small bits that are easy to digest (get it?!). The first customer you encounter in Chapter 1 is focused on an omelet. But his connection to the fluffy egg dish goes deeper than breakfast, especially when you find out how the simple meal that we’ve all eaten a million times connects back to something much deeper with his wife.

Soul Food is available to read for free here

Soul Food