Moving into a new house is scary, as is making new friends, going to Kindergarten for the first time, and all of the other new experiences little Gwendolyn Plumby must endure. Good thing she has her new friend Ghost to guide her. In Gwendy & Ghost, the young girl soon learns that the real world can often be more frightening than the supernatural.

Created by doublemaximus and based on the artist’s own childhood, the series tugs at the heartstrings as Gwendy sorts through all of the changes in her life. New house. Mom is pregnant but going through some trauma of her own, and a new Kindergarten class with a teacher not known for being warm and fuzzy. Her protector—her rock—is the ghost she befriends in the house. When things go bump in the night or Gwendy is feeling alone, Ghost is always there.

The art is bright and pretty, and the saturated blues work well, especially when Ghost is around. As you read the series, you wonder how Gwendy and her mom got to this point. There are hints throughout, such as the father having died and some possible emotional abuse from Mom (it seems Mom doesn’t always realize what she’s saying and how hurtful she’s being, making the characters complex and interesting). Ghost himself is fascinating, and you wonder just how long he’s been tied to the house and what happened to him in life.

If you want a sweet tale with a little spooky mixed in, begin reading Gwendy & Ghost on Tapas. Click here for the first episode.

Gwendy & Ghost