When James and his family move into the old farmhouse, the little boy makes a new friend in the most unexpected way. In A Boy and His Ghost, the beautiful story of a bond between a living boy and a dead little girl is adorable and tragic all at once.

Created by Rubin Pingk, the free web series takes place in the ‘80s, offering the reader fun throwbacks to the decade, like old school Nintendo Games and renting Gremlins on VHS (which are fun to see, especially if you were there).

The art mirrors the cuteness, with each character sweet and colorful, but there is darkness when there needs to be, much like the ominous tone that exists underneath the heartwarming story of James and Zooey. You find out early on what happened to the little girl and you also learn that James has his own issues with growing up, which makes their friendship so vital for both of them. Meanwhile, Death, who seems to have been searching for Zooey, comes to collect her soul, but even Death sees the bond and lets her hang out a little while longer.

A Boy and His Ghost is a different type of ghost story. It’s more coming-of-age than horror, and while there are supernatural elements mixed in, the important part is how James and Zooey help each other as their friendship grows.

To begin reading the free comic, head over to Webtoons. Episodes are added monthly.

A Boy and His Ghost