As we creep closer to my favorite holiday, I offer another week of unsettling horror to get you in the mood for Halloween 2021. This week, Unknown Caller is my free comic recommendation. The horror anthology series is only three episodes long, but the app-exclusive installments have enough scares to get you in the spooky holiday mood. 

With stories from renowned Korean comic creators with plenty of horror tales under their belts, each tale has just what you’d expect: unsuspecting characters thrown into a supernatural world, creepy ghosts (kids, of course), muted color palettes for extra effect, and a few jump scares as you scroll. 

The fun part about the app-only experience is that when you enable your camera on your device, the horror jumps right off the page and into your own safe space. It’s a cool effect to add to the overall experience of reading the series. 

Unknown Caller is available for free on Webtoons here. Download the app to begin reading. 

Unknown Caller