Let’s be honest, there are some crap people in this world. Those of us who have worked in retail or food services know firsthand how rude and nasty some can be. If you were Sangjin in The Predator and lived with a human-eating beast, you’d probably feed those awful customers to the thing too.

Written by Shin Heebin and with art by Chi Chi, the new thriller series on Webtoons is gory and graphic, but the concept is engaging. Protagonist Sangjin seems like any other wage slave. He’s just trying to make it work, get paid for his efforts, and go home. The problem is, the people he encounters at his convenience store job kinda suck, and unfortunately for them, Sangjin lives with a flesh-eating monster hungry for the living. Anyone who crosses the young guy might just end up on his roommate’s menu. 

The story has a Little Shop of Horrors vibe, where the meek main guy has to feed an insatiable creature who craves blood. To rationalize murder, he only chooses awful individuals whose nonsense will not be missed. But no matter how many excuses you give, it’s still kidnapping and murder. 

To make things even more complicated, a girl named Jiwon enters the mix and seems to think the monster is a god, but what will happen to all of them as the police start to piece together the puzzle behind so many people going missing?

The Predator updates every Saturday. Catch up with the first few episodes here.