There are many stories about a future earth where humanity has either gained superpowers and/or has done something utterly ridiculous and destroyed everything. In The Mighty Three, this future planet does have supernatural powers but the result is actually peace and prosperity. Unless you’re Elly and you need to save your job.

Created by s0s2 (The Little Trashmaid), the web series takes place in 2060, a few years after three superpowered individuals unite to save a war-torn earth. The world seems pretty happy and calm, and the heroes are lauded as the saviors we all need. 

Elly, however, is struggling. She’s a journalist whose job is on the line. Her editor isn’t loving her work and she needs something to save her from losing her position. That’s when she encounters one of “The Mighty Three” and decides a biography on the celebrated trio is the way to go. But can she convince them to participate?

The web series is in its entirety on Webtoons, having been completed in 2014. The art is fluid, colorful, and fun, and the characters are likable and relatable, even the ones with powers. 

To read The Mighty Three, click here.

Mighty Three


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