For anyone who has watched Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel’s fascination with found human items in her ocean is a huge part of her character. One might say it’s what leads her to an unhealthy obsession with a human man for whom she abandons her entire culture and family. But that’s not why we are here…

In The Little Trashmaid, the main character takes the “one’s trash is another’s treasure” to a whole new level.  Created by s0s2, the free slice of life comic consists of short strips about a mermaid living in a modern day ocean, where humans have no regard for anything and just dump their crap in the water. Luckily our wide-eyed gal loves everything she finds, from old t-shirts and fishhooks to empty bottles and cigarette butts. 

Little trashmaid

It’s silly and cute, even when her obsession is cringeworthy. It’s also a commentary on how gross people are and how it can inevitably change the sealife getting dumped on. One might question if the mermaid’s quirky behavior is a result of ingesting too much litter. 

The Little Trashmaid updates every two weeks on Fridays on Webtoons. Begin scrolling through the episodes hereTapas fans can check out the series here