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John Stanisci has drawn a bunch of comics for DC, IDW and Marvel, and he’s decided to kickstart his first original graphic novel, LifeDeath.  a fully illustrated SciFi epic.

Given how sharp the art looks it’s no surprise the project, done in collaboration with Joseph Navarra, is already a success. But there’s a few hours to go and just to put a bow on it, here’s an EXCLUSIVE look at the first chapter of the book. And a blurb:


LIFEDEATH is an original 140 page (or so) Graphic Novel written and drawn by John Stanisci. In the year 2211, Dr. Emil Heydrich, a fugitive scientist on Mars, discovers that humans invented the afterlife long before man existed on Earth. The ‘afterlife matrix’ is an ancient computer program; an uploading device to preserve human consciousness. After many millennia, that matrix grew to sentience and now, like anything that lives, the afterlife matrix is dying


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