Lauren Sinclair is a good police officer, but it’s her special ability to detect lies that makes her exceptional. She is also propelled by her inability to save her loved ones from a devastating fate a few years ago, and her mission to find the leader of the Phantom Scythe consumes her. In Purple Hyacinth, Lauren finds out that teaming up with a deadly assassin may be her only avenue to taking down the real evil plaguing the city.

Written by Ephemerys and illustrated by Sophism, one of the best parts of the series is how it flows. The creative team plans each scroll purposefully and so perfectly that you nearly forget you are looking at panels. Instead, the effect is cinematic, adding to the exciting movement of the whole piece.

When Lauren encounters her unlikely assassin partner, the attraction—and tension—between them is palpable. You feel their connection immediately, and why is the bad guy so appealing, dammit?! Even though you know he’s a killer (and you learn later just how dangerous he really is), you can’t help but wonder if this enemy pairing will lead to a passionate romance.

Purple Hyacinth is available to read for free on Webtoons. Click here to begin the first episode.

Purple Hyacinth