rob approved image 2.jpegDeadpool is turning 30 in 2021! Hard to believe it’s been three decades of laughter, loves and chimichangas. And co-creator Rob Liefeld will not let this occasion go to waste: he’ll be participating in Marvel’s celebration of the anniversary with a series of Deadpool-themed projects!

These include a Deadpool Nerdy 30! one-shot and a series of 30 Deadpool covers throughout the year. We’re told these will include other characters from the Liefeld-verse across Marvel…and perhaps some surprises.

Liefeld will also spotlight Deadpool in a five-part “Making of Deadpool” series on his podcast Robservations With Rob Liefeld. Kicking off in January, this series will have some bean spilling like you’ve never heard before on how the Merc with a Mouth came to be, with secrets and behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

“I’m so excited to share in and experience all the Deadpool love that is headed our way! Reunited and it feels so gross! I mean, feels so good!! “ said Liefeld.

Liefeld’s podcast, Robservations with Rob Liefeld is available now for streaming on all major platforms and at And if you’ve heard or seen Rob on our own social channels, you’ll know he’s a natural for gab.

I’m sure Deadpool’s 30th birthday will be celebrated throughout 2021, so consider this fair warning.