New Orleans and the supernatural go hand in hand. The city is teeming with legends of vampires, voodoo, ghosts, and of course, witches. Muted isn’t the first story to explore families of witches in the Big Easy, but the web series does an excellent job at creating its own mythology and mystery right from the first episode.

Created by Miranda Mundt, the story centers on Camille of the Severin family of witches. On the full moon of her 21st year, Camille is set to perform a summoning ritual that should result in a winged demon to secure her family’s success and prosperity. Unfortunately the ritual does not go as planned, and something very different comes through. Camille has been feeling out of place as it is, and the failed ritual is more proof that there is something deeper at play.

Family is everything to the witches, and each clan has their own thing. There is obviously some secret about Camille that the family, particularly her aunt Athalie, is hiding. Even Camille’s familiar is incorrect according what her bloodline dictates. Add in flashbacks of a devastating fire that killed her mother and sister, and you have an intriguing mystery to unravel about the young witch and what her family might be trying to bury.

Muted, which updates every Friday, recently completed its first 45-episode season. Season 2 is currently in the works. Before the second arc begins, head over to Webtoons and catch up on Camille’s story.