When you are invested in a comic or a game, the characters often take on a life of their own. In Fictional Skin, that seems to be the case for real. 

Created by Kris Nguyen, the drama series centers on a pair of cousins whose summer has gotten a lot more interesting after the arrival of a new student. For Finn, he just wants to draw his comics and stay out of the heat. For Vivi, seeing a dead ringer of a video game character that she both loves and hates in her classroom is jarring to say the least. She’s fascinated by him and shares stories with Finn daily. Finn, not completely convinced that Vivi’s encounters are one hundred percent true, starts to use her tales as inspiration for his art. Before long, both of their lives start to take a strange turn and it is quite possible, the new guy is behind it.

The free series on Webtoons only has a few episodes live at the time of this writing. So far, it is a slow burn, but not without interesting elements that are clearly setting up a more complicated and intriguing story. 

Fictional Skin updates every Monday. Start reading here.

Fictional Skin


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