Every once in a while I need to read something silly and frivolous. I need that ridiculous comedy that hovers somewhere between 12-year-old middle school humor and Dad jokes. That’s why Swords is my pick this week for our Monday free comic.

Created by Matthew Wills, the description on the home page simply reads “a webcomic about swords and the idiots who live by them.” And that is exactly what this long-running Webtoons series is. Each installment is only four panels, and really, that is all you need to set up the joke and swing. Some are funnier than others, of course, but even the ones that fall a little flat are a welcome distraction from the neverending drama of the real world. 

One of my favorite entries is Episode 6. It is simple and silly, and I laughed way too hard at it. When scrolling through the toons, be sure to pay close attention to the details in the art, too. Sometimes those details are where the best jokes are and not in the word balloons. 

Swords has hundreds of episodes and is still going with daily updates. Do yourself a favor and take a break with some absurdity. Begin reading here.