Vampires and witches–classic supernatural beings in books, comics, movies, and more. More often than not, they don’t get along and in some cases are forced to work together to maintain balance and peace. In Morgana and Oz, that common theme is there, but the sweet story underneath makes this web series unique.

Created by Miyuli and edited by Eunice Baik, the story centers on a young witch named Morgana who is struggling to find her place and power in her coven. Her family has been at odds with a vampire clan for years, but they are attempting a truce to keep the peace. On the night of their meeting, things don’t go as planned, secrets about illegal magic use are revealed, and an elder in the witch coven goes missing, all while the vampires are seated at the coven’s table. 

Morgana misses most of this as she struggles to get ready in her room. Because the vampires don’t trust the witches they station some of their own outside the coven’s mansion, and it is here that Morgana and a young, angsty vamp named Oz meet. Unlikely friendship? Romance perhaps? Either way, it seems they must work together in some capacity to keep the peace.

Even though vampires and witches may seem like a trope to you, Morgana and Oz is worth a look. The art is pretty and the characters, particularly Morgana and Oz, are likable, relatable, and super cute. 

The new webcomic updates every Monday on Webtoons. To begin reading the first five installments, click here.

Morgana and Oz