From the first episode, you immediately know you will relate to Cassandra Comics. The slice of life series consists of short installments that take some of the most mundane moments and turn them into something incredibly humorous. And the reason it’s so funny is because it’s true. Like in that first episode, which accurately depicts what you think your photo will look like versus the actual, frightening result.

Created by Cassandra Calin, the trials and tribulations of studying graphic design, having curly hair, and just relating to the world around you are brought to life in amusing detail. (As someone with curly hair I can unfortunately relate to the woes of curls in humidity or what happens when someone annoyingly keeps pulling your locks like a spring for their own amusement.) There are also plenty of installments where Cassandra is dreaming of cake or having a love/hate relationship with jeans. All too true.

Calin’s art is adorable. Her characters are just the right blend of cartoon and realism, especially when our main girl is expressing disdain, frustration, or embarrassment as she moves through her day.

There are currently 207 episodes (and counting) on Tapas, but you’ll move through them so quickly you’ll wish they were updating more frequently. Begin reading the series here.

Cassandra Comics