I picked this romance comic this romance comic completely at random from the vast archives of public domain comics at ComicBookPlus, but I chose wisely because two of the three stories were drawn by women, the first (tentatively) credited to Ann Brewster, (a Golden Ager I never heard of until this moment), the middle story by the well named Dick Rockwell, and the last story by Ruth Atkinson, the creator of Millie the Model and co-creator of Patsy Walker.

As I said I never heard of Brewster, but she had a steady career in comics with work for Simon & Kirby, EC and other companies.

Boy Loves Girl, formerly titled Boy Meets Girl, because that’s the natural way of things, was published by Lev Gleason, a comics publisher of the 40s and  50s that tried to do more adult comics before the Comics Code ruined everything. The stories are full of mechanically lettered musings that bog down the narrativies, but the art is full of fashionable, graceful ladies in clothes I’d kill to wear today.


Ann Brewster, credited


Dick Rockwell


Ruth Atkinson


  1. You have the credits mixed up. The top one is signed R. Atkinson.

    Dick Rockwell, by the way, came by the name honestly — he’s Norman Rockwell’s nephew. He went on from this to be Milt Caniff’s main penciling assistant and background artist, working on STEVE CANYON for 35 years.

  2. I love the clothing malfunctions in the last page. Not only has the woman (would it have been too much trouble to include her name at some point?) completely changed outfits from one panel to the next, but Tom has a different style sweater vest too.

  3. I’ve been reading the public domain comics at ComicBookPlus for years. What a treasure: pretty much the whole outputs of Quality, Fawcett, Lev Gleason, Charlton, Fox, Fiction House, etc.

    Lately I’ve been reading Harvey’s Black Cat comics from the late ’40s. Nice Lee Elias art (admittedly Caniff-influenced), with some rarely seen backup stories by Simon and Kirby.

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