Infinity_Gauntlet_Vol_1_1_001A classic follow-up story! The other day we reported that Jim Starlin, creator of Thanos, Gamora, Infinisty Stones and other Marvel Cinematic Universe mainstays, delivered a call out to the studio about perhaps showing up in a cameo in an Avengers movie, when they posted a visual of how much they had used of his comics work.

In what would seem to be either a nice call back or part of a well executed publicity scheme Avengers: Infinity War directors The Russo Brothers, shared Starlin’s post on FB and added their own message: “We’ve got your close up ready, Mr. Starlin.”

So maybe a happy ending coming here?



  1. What I really loved about Starlin’s run was how much abstract philosophy was added into it. Things like the fact that there are more people alive now than all the people who have died. Which makes Death the underdog and gave Thanos his motivation for killing off half the universe. Mind blowing to my young mind.

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