It took until the day after Superbowl Sunday to get the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and now almost exactly 2 months later, we have a new trailer just as Ron Howard has put his finishing touches on the final cut of the film.

It’s no secret that production on this newest Star Wars spin-off film was an extremely rough process, we’ve written about it for a while now. But Howard is, if nothing else, a pretty steady hand at the wheel and it’s very possible his taking over turned the entire production around – let’s witness together, shall we?

My big takeaway here? Alden Ehrenreich, who plays the young Han Solo, doesn’t have a line of dialogue until 40 seconds into this two and half minute trailer. And when he finally does? Well, one gets the feeling this guy may very well be ferociously miscast.

Everything else looks solid, nothing I’m terribly excited for, but nothing that outright repels either. It’s placement right at the tail end of a very blockbuster heavy Spring should be very interesting to watch in terms of critical and box office analysis. Will audiences be drawn to this one in the same kind of droves the franchise is used to after they’ve spent hard earned cash on Infinity War and Deadpool 2? And with The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom only weeks after that? This will be a hell of a test of the Star Wars staying power, and just what it can weather.


  1. I think it looks good. Donald Glover is not doing an exact Billy Dee Williams imitation so why should Alden Ehrenreich have to do an exact Harrison Ford? I am looking forward to seeing this film!

  2. What little buzz I hear about this movie is about Glover. People seem genuinely excited about his casting.

    I’m sure the movie will be competent and professionally made, as Ron Howard movies usually are. I just don’t feel any great urge to see it.

    Go see A QUIET PLACE! It’s terrific.

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