Caroline Sharp is cursed with the gift of immortality. As a super-spy and a shapeshifter, Sharp has had a long career. But now she just wants things to end. And she’s finally found a way out of this life– but if she wants to use that ticket, she’ll have to take everyone else in the universe out with her.

In the Comics Beat’s exclusive preview of Eternity Girl #2, Caroline learns exactly how to end the universe. But before that though, there are still some laughs to be had…

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio

Artist: Sonny Liew

Colorist: Chris Chuckry

Letterer: Todd Klein

Far beyond the farthest any mortal has ever traveled is a nameless world nested in the very heart of existence. On that planet is a structure that extends infinitely into the heavens. It is the Shining Tower, the axis of life and death. And to end her suffering, Eternity Girl must destroy it. The catch? Everyone else will die, too.


  1. This is cool. Might be my favourite of the Young Animal books so far, just going off this preview and synopsis/themes

  2. Eternity Girl is a great book! It’s a bit like Sandman #20 in terms of subject, but it also mixes in the nostalgia/retro side of Black Hammer. I say BUY!

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