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Joe Staton is one of those reliable cartoonists who draws everything exactly as it should be with intelligence, grace and greta storytelling. He drew A Christmas Carol for for the late 80s early 90s the Berkeley/First Comics version of Classic Comics. It’s just about perfect. It’s also long out of print but you can still find copies around and on

(Note I found this on a site that posts still in print comics, so I’m not going to link to it. but it is so much fun to look at. Papercutz was reprinting some of these—but they never got around to this one. It’s a little old fashioned perhaps, but still a fine adaptation of the well known story.)



  1. Papercutz hasn’t reprinted this?

    Ah, this is why… there’s a “deluxe” edition from overseas!

    A Christmas Carol and Mugby Junction
    AUTHOR: Charles Dickens
    ADAPTED BY: Rodolphe
    ARTIST: Estelle Meyrand

    Oooh…. A Christmas story, and one for Halloween!

    Classics Illustrated #53 (November 1948) has the first version.
    Marvel did a version in 1978…check out the colorist!

    Also in the First/Berkeley series is “Gift of the Magi” by Gary Gianni, who also did the cover to “A Christmas Carol”.

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