High Moon, the horror western by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis is perfect Halloween reading. And Papercutz’s Super Genius imprint is putting out a complete, definitive edition of the Harvey Award winning series in three volumes.

HighMoonVolume1_Large_LogoHIGH MOON: BULLET HOLES AND BITE MARKS this October, followed by volume 2 in May of 2018 and volume 3 in Fall of 2018.  The material in books 1 and 2 will be remastered from the original online and print editions, and volume 3 will include all new material. And Ellis will do new covers for all three books.

And if you like ghost stories, you may recall that High Moon was originally published in 2007 by Zuda, DC’s long gone webcomics imprint.

Ellis and Gallaher will be appearing at NYCC at the Bottled Lightning booth at R7 in Artist Alley.

In HIGH MOON, former Pinkerton agent and current bounty-hunter Matthew Macgregor investigates a series of strange happenings in a small Texas town. Drought has brought famine and hardship to Blest. The summer heat pushes the temperature to unbearable heights during the day. The nights are even worse– for the streets are haunted by strange, unnatural creatures. And even as Macgregor works to uncover the truth about the creatures, he struggles to keep his own supernatural nature a secret.

The Super Genius editions will be larger than the previous Zuda Comics print edition and will present the landscape formatted series in a removable slipcase that allows it to be racked vertically, maximizing its visibility for retailers and consumers. All three volumes of HIGH MOON will be published in hardcover at $24.99 and simultaneously in paperback at $14.99. HIGH MOON: BULLET HOLES AND BITE MARKS  will be available in comic book stores across the United States and Canada on October 17th, 2017 and in bookstores on October 24.

Attending New York Comic Con?

Get ready to howl at the high moon.

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