Minnesota-based publisher 2dcloud has launched it’s quarterly crowdfunding campaign for it’s 2017 spring collection. 2dcloud has been using crowdfunding as a mechanism for pre-orders and to create curated book bundles. 2dcloud is a publisher from which you never know what to expect. They keep selecting new and innovative work to publish that always defy and satisfy your expectations. They have once again created a very interesting line up of comics featuring the works of a host of incredible artists. I’m particularly excited since some of the books are amongst some I’m anticipating the most this year are included in this bundle.

The second volume of 2dCloud’s flagship anthology Mirror Mirror II will be edited by Julia Gfrorer and Sean T. Collins. I love Gfrorer’s previous books Black is the colour & Laid Waste and the idea of a gothic anthology edited by her seems like the perfect match. Among the creators are phenomenal artists and also perfect fit for a horror comics such as Lala Albert, Celine Loup, Renee French, Laura Lannes, Dame Darcy, Al Columbia, Simon Hanselmann, Aidan Koch, Jonny Negron, Josh Simmons, the one and only Clive Barker and many more.

Among the line-up, there’s the latest graphic novel from Sarah Ferrick called Yours. A collection of comic poetry that promises to “play with comics’ conventions of repetition and pattern.” There’s also the latest instalment of Altcomic, the print quarterly magazine featuring interviews with alternative comics artists. This time issue features interviews with Paul Peng, Ashley H. G. and Daylen Seu. There’s also a short mini comic by Nou called 100.

Finally, the most interesting graphic novel in the group though may be Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber. Maggie is a cartoonist and associate publisher at 2dCloud. Her new graphic novel is the story of two owls. It’s described as a ‘poetic documentary’. It looks absolutely magnificent.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all these books. You can find tons of preview pages and longer description on each books over at their crowdfunding page. You can also pre-order the books at a discounted price as well. 2dcloud is a great publisher and I wish them the best of luck on this latest crowdfunding effort.



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