§ Nice Art: Drew Weing found this startling panel from a Phantom comic strip, and the world may never, ever be the same, writing “This might be the most amazing image the medium of newspaper comics has produced in the last twenty years.”


§ Kevin Huizenga found this startling passage from the book I Hate The Internet by Jarett Kobek. In case you don’t have your reading glasses it suggests that comic books have taken over the world, not just because of the movies and tv shows, but because more and more businesses now have the crappy rates and brand over individuals practices that comics pioneered. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

§ When you see this headline “A whale of a time for comic lovers” you think there will be cetacean content, but it’s just an enthusiastic article about the Pune Comic Con in India. They love comic cons in India.

§ Las Vegas has long been a problematic location for a comic-con type event, but it just held one called ClexaCon aimed at LCBTG women that apparently was great. It wasn’t a “comic con” per se, but a “Media & Entertainment Convention
for LGBTQ Women and Allies”.

§ Very sad news. That marvelous scene of Drax slurping his soup too loud in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser won’t actually be in the movie. It’s just an outtake spliced together with unrelated reaction shots. While this may cast a bit of gloom over the world, it probably would have slowed down the pacing of the film and we’ll always have YouTube. But wow, the characterization.

§ First Look At Black Bolt And Lockjaw On The Set Of MARVEL’S THE INHUMANS said the headline. But it was just a tweet of some vague set photos from Hawaii.

Anton Mount is Black Bolt. Are you as excited about this show as I am, because I just took a nap.

§ Meanwhile over at Valiant, they have announced a director for the Bloodshot movie and it’s debut helmer Dave Wilson, whose previous experience includes video game animatics for Halo 2, Mass Effect 2, and BioShock Infinite. Academy Award nominated writer Eric Heisserer (Arrival, The Thing) wrote the script though.