Sometimes you like a webcomic because it tells a story you can’t find anywhere else. Sometimes you like a webcomic because it’s NONSENSE.


Vectorbelly is the second one, as far as I can tell. One of the smartest thing about webcomics – and this is something which gets glossed over incredibly often when writing about them – is how quickly they can hit home. Whereas a graphic novel is an investment of time, a webcomic can joyously race away from any idea of being substantial. Instead, it can tell a joke, and then abandon the entire concept forevermore. There’s something to be said for a webcomic like Vectorbelly, which has amassed around 350 cartoons all telling short, to-the-point gags.



Created by Mike Rosenthal, you can find the strips over here: I’d recommend the more recent ones to start with, as he seems to have hit a real rhythm with his nonsequiturs recently. And at his best, he makes strips I want to frame.


Steve is tweets @stevewmorris


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