Some of my most fondest memories were spending time at my great grandmother’s house during the brutal Tucson summers. My mother would wake my sister and I at the crack of dawn to drive us to my Nana’s house. We had a morning routine that included drinking dark roasted coffee, and scrambled eggs with burnt toast. During that time we would read the daily newspaper together. She would read the obituaries and public notices to see which of her friends had passed away and laugh about how she outlived them.

fitz 3

I would read the local news and then go straight to the editorial page and read the David Fitzsimons daily cartoon. Most of it went over my head, but I was always entertained to see something new and different every day.

Everyone in city calls him “Fitz” for short. You either love him or hate him, especially if your right-wing nut. He came to my 8th grade drama class and performed a whole hour of comedy with a piece of charcoal and an art board. He left a lasting impression in my life, and is an inspiration to a lot of local cartoonists in the Old Pueblo.


Besides my sappy nostalogic reasons of picking his cartoon, he produces a syndicated award winning strip almost daily. His two year old comic strip was listed on the Tea Party’s Facebook page as breaking news. Find more from him at


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