There are only two newspapers in Tucson, which is surprising for a place with a population of a million people. Ever since I was old enough to read I picked up the alternative paper – the Tucson Weekly – and skipped all the way to the back just to read my favorite comic strip, Red Meat. Alright, you got me, I also read the personal ads. There are some serious sickos out there, my kind of people.




Red Meat was started out as a strip in the Daily Wildcat — college paper — in 1989 (The year I was born. You’re old, Max). Once he started making the three panel comic he never stopped. Now the strip prints in over 72 alternative papers across the country, and is often featured at the Onion’s AV Club site. Each strip is comprised of the same image in a three panel structure. Each week Cannon fleshes different characters like the deranged Mailman Dan, over sharing Bug-Eyed-Earl, and my favorite dad to hate, Ted Johnson. Red Meat is cruder than The Simpsons and smarter than Family Guy.

Max’s devoted husband, father of two kids, and he teaches animation at an art college. For the last 8 years he has been hosting the widely popular “Friday Night Shorts” at a non-profit indie theater called The Loft Cinema. It’s an opportunity to local filmmakers to show their work on the big screen every first friday of the month. He was also featured on in Marvel Strange Tales with a lot of indie underground talent. You can find more at


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