Following in the footsteps of Sergio Aragones and Darwyn Cooke, Jim Lee will provide the art for next year’s commemorative Free Comic Book Day t-shirt, with an homage to the JLA and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. The shirt will be on sale in comic shops on April 11, in advance of Free Comic Book Day on May 5, but can be preordered via the January Previews.

“It’s an honor to have Jim Lee design 2012’s FCBD Commemorative T-shirt,” said Free Comic Book Day spokesperson Leslie Bowser in a statement. “Jim’s artwork featuring the Justice League from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 will certainly entice a lot of current fans. And it’s all for a good cause, as all proceeds go to our marketing efforts to spread the word about FCBD to new customers.”


  1. Jim Lee is simply not a good designer. I don’t mind Batman so much, but his Superman is a total whiff. In trying to update the design he’s replaced an iconic classic with something that seems even more dated (it would work for an alternate universe where the point was to make everything as 90’s as possible though). I actually hate his Cyborg more than Superman’s missing underoos though.

  2. It would be nice except for that crappy revamped Superman costume. Heck, they should make a variant version of this tee with Supe’s previous costume (heck, everyone’s previous costumes!).