5 Marvel Attractions That Need To Be At Disneyland


With the new Avengers movie looming, Comics Beat comes up with new ways for Marvel and Disney to merge at the Happiest Place on Earth.


Marvel Drafts a Redux of Planet Hulk for Secret Wars with Humphries and Laming


The mystery behind what Marvel was planning with their Planet Hulk teaser has just been officially revealed with a comic entitled…Planet Hulk! The tale features the creative team of Sam Humphries on writing and Marc Laming on art, who are chronicling the new adventures of Hulk, Steve Rogers, and Devil Dinosaur during the upcoming Secret Wars crossover. CBR […]


Daily dose of awesome: John Allison’s Hulk comic, Smallville tribute

hulk (2)

When someone is comic-ly consistently excellent as John Allison is -and he truly is excellent, folks- updating his ScaryGoRound web-comics, Bad Machinery and more recently, Giant Days , 4 times a week (!)  with excellently written witty and sharp cartoons, it is easy, as readers, to slip into a state of take-it-for-granted-ness.


Marvel’s Next Big Thing: The Indestructible Hulk


Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu are the team behind the relaunch for Marvel’s Hulk, who will NOW! be known as ‘The Indestructible Hulk’. After a conference call about Thor yesterday, today it was the turn of the Hulk creatives to take to the phones and answer questions from the greats of the comics press. […]


The Marvel NOW! Comic Parade

Here it is – an exhaustive look at all the Marvel books announced this week for Marvel NOWWWW, from Iron Man to Thor, with X-Men and Hulk inbetween. Also, the campaign for a Pixie Ongoing series picks up pace!


Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu are Indestructible (writing Hulk)

Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu are the creative team for what is probably going to be Marvel’s new Incredible Hulk series. Anyone betting we’ll see ‘Fantastic’ appear tomorrow?


Marvel TV update: Hulk yes; Alias and Punisher no

The “Upfronts” have taken/are taking place somewhere in Hollywood and New York and although it sounds like a bra convention, what it really means is the networks are parading their new shows for 2012-13 in front of TV reporters. The big comics news was a greenlight for the Green Arrow TV show—minus the arrow—but Marvel stuff also has some motion.