Singapore cosplayer finds room for all his mecha parts in amazing Ikea ad

Okay this is an ad for Ikea, but it is also a fantasy for most of us. Like, a Sex in the City/Axe ad level fantasy.

Imagine being a cosplayer in your small room, and all the parts of your Axis Powers Hetalia, Slam Dunk and other costumes are just strewn about, willy nilly, making your tiny living quarters a squalid mess. LIke you do. And then Ikea comes along and magically, wonderfully, enchantingly CLEANS EVERYTHING UP and puts all your wigs, satin gowns and plastic swords in a Besta or a Kassett. Lots and lots of Kassetts. And when you come back by MAGIC you have a clean organized home! And even your girl/boyfriend approves.

Admit it, you’ve had this fantasy MORE than the one about a $50,000 shopping spree at Nordstrom’s, haven’t you?

Frank is a Singapore cosplayer who has competed in the World Cosplay Summit for his country. And he has lived the fantasy.

However, it is only a fantasy, as one of the you tube commenters put it. “And truth be told…that room will be tidy until next con.”

So so true.



  1. Nicely done! Speaking as an OCD clean freak myself, I like this a lot.

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